Photo Restoration


Photo repair can take quite a bit of time to get right but well worth the effort for the end result. Here are a few examples of restoration work we have done in the past.

If you would like an idea of costs please contact us for more information. Ideally if you can scan the photograph set your scanner at a resolution of 600dpi or above for best results.

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1960's Family Photo

Photo Repair 1 (Original)

Photo Repair 1

Family Day Out

Photo Repair 5 (Original)

Photo Repair 5

1950's School Play

Photo Repair 4 (Original)

Photo Repair 4

Old Family Photograph

Photo Repair 6

School Photo


Photo Repair 3 (Original) Photo Repair 3

Digital Projects and Research

Timeshift Black Country

A collection of old photographs from around the Black Country merged into modern to give contrast over time.


Having spent over 10 years researching the Whittingham name. Here is a collection of my findings in a unique format.

Photo Restoration

I often get asked if there is anything that can be done about damaged photographs. Here is a collection of some of the results.

Music Composition

A collection of my electronic music compositions created for pleasure and presentation available on Soundcloud.