We are all now aware of the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter but there are still a large number of businesses loosing out on this vast marketing opportunity. As an individual you may not use social networking sites yourself but a great many of your customers and potential customers do. It may be that you spend time on these sites but have not yet dipped your toe in the world of social media for business.

Here are a few recent statistics you may or may not be aware of:

  • 53% of adults who used social networks follow a brand ²
  • 80% of consumers would be more inclined to buy more often because of a brand’s presence on social media ¹
  • 4 out of 5 active internet users visit social network sites ²
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have a combined total of 393 MILLION monthly views ³
  • Social networking users spend an average of 3.2 HOURS each day on social sites ³

Social networking helps boost Google rankings

The use of social media also helps increase your ranking (position) in Google’s generic search listings. The reason for this is that as part of its search algorithm, Google looks at how many links point into your site from other sites around the web. The more people that are linking to you from a website, blog, like or tweet then the higher up the list you go. An example of how powerful this is can be seen if you Google the words “click here”. You will see that Adobe is top of the list! What has this got to do with Adobe you might ask yourself, well it is simply due to the fact that many websites around the world have PDF documents on their site and use the words “click here” to download Adobe’s Acrobat Reader which in turn links to Adobe.com.

Basically if more people are linking to you then Google looks at you as an “expert” in that search term and pushes your site above one’s that have less.

It has to be pointed out that Google uses many factors when determining where to place a site in its listings. Links in is just another element that helps you get there. You must also take into account how many visits a site has along with compatibility with mobile devices, accuracy of information and frequency of updates to name but a few.

Managing your social networks

When designing a new site or updating an old one I always recommend that my clients have a Facebook page at least. They can do it themselves quite easily or I can offer to manage it along with their website, domains and any other services they use online. This is a good option for businesses who haven’t got the time, manpower, know-how or facilities to look after it themselves.

Social Networking Icons


Now more than ever before, businesses rely on the World Wide Web to promote and showcase their services and products. With the sheer number of Internet users who participate in social networking, it only makes sense for companies to jump on board and embrace the social networking revolution.


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